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Complete overhauling

We overhaul your mahcine as NEW

MAST meets with increasing success to the demands in the market of machines overhauled for food packaging.

The complete overhauling is done both on machines owned by the customer or on machine bought from Mast (on customer request) in the international market.

The consolidated overhauling process is accomplished through the standard stages of processing:

The complete overhaul done by Mast includes documentation as follow:

Complete overhauling in a few months!
Send us your machine for an ovehauling and you’ll have it back in3-4 months completely overhauled. Mast is a company capable of replacing old parts and assemblies of machines with new ones and overhauled, making use of the technical improvements which have been developed by Mast over the years.
Don’t waste time!
To minimize any waste of time in the production cycle, Mast can sell you a second hand machine completely overhauled and buy your old machine.
Partial overhaul too!
You can also carry out a partial overhauling: Deliver your machine for a partial overhaul and get it back within 3-4 months completely updated.